The Simonyi Lectures

The Simonyi Lectures are a series of annual lectures in Oxford. They were set up in 1999 by the Simonyi Professor, Richard Dawkins, in order to promote the public understanding of science. In his words:

The Simonyi Lecture will be an annual event, at least for the duration of my tenure, paid for through a donation by me to the New College Development Fund. Where the Simonyi Professorship is in Public Understanding of Science, my hope is that the Simonyi Lectures will attempt to mediate, within Oxford, between the sciences and those subjects which, for want of a better word, are sometimes call the Arts.

from Richard Dawkins' speech after the 1st Simonyi Lecture dinner

The lectures are open to all. Each year, a speaker is invited to present a talk on a topic of their choice.