The Axiom of Choice

February 2022, Mathematical Institute, Oxford

Join eminent mathematician Andre Weil and his fictional creation Bourbaki, on their journey from zero via France, India and Finland to the edge of infinity, as they try to make sense of whether we really have free will.

Strange Loops

March 2019, Barbican

Strange Loops is a triptych (concert, installation & theatre) celebrating Hofstadter's book Godel, Escher, Bach performed as part of Life Rewired at the Barbican.

The Simonyi Science in Society Show

2017-present, University of Oxford

A new performance lecture given each year by the Simonyi Professor for the Public of Understanding of Science which combines scientific dissemination with a performance element.

Glastonbury Festival

26 - 28 June 2015, Glastonbury

Marcus regularly performs at the Glastonbury Festival in the Astrolabe Theatre including a new show he wrote called Death by Numbers.

Marathons @Serpentine

2015 - 2006, Serpentine Gallery

Marcus regularly appears at the Marathons run in the autumn at the Serpentine Gallery.


11 - 12 September 2014, Stockholm

Three concerts curated and presented with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. In collaboration with Artists and Engineers.

The Magic Flute

18 - 20 April 2013, Royal Opera House

An interactive evening of music, maths and Mozart staged at the Linbury Theatre with Marcus du Sautoy and singers from the Royal Opera House.


2 March - 19 July 2013, Barbican / Latitude Festival

A performance lecture by Marcus du Sautoy Featuring music by James Holden and visuals by one of us

Symmetry with Marcus du Sautoy

21 January 2012, Faster than Sound, Aldeburgh

In this performance a mathematician, a pattern maker and an artists collective seek to create a virtual Alhambra in sound and projection

I is a Strange Loop/X & Y


A mathematical play written and performed by Marcus du Sautoy and Victoria Gould, presented by Complicite.